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Source: Gallup Inc


The successful company is an organization that travels fast, keeping all the collaborators well loaded on board, from production to logistics, from management to sales. Their motivation, their commitment, dedication, passion, the desire to grow and build together are the primary keys to ensure the best performance and the achievement of any growth result.


The goal of 1BOARD is to stimulate and significantly enhance the sense of belonging of each employee in relations with the company and with colleagues; this through a simple, immediate tool, available at any time and in any place that allows you to share information, to actively participate in the life of the organization, making each person feel a protagonist and an integral part of collective success.


In professional as well as private activities, it is essential to know who to count on for any need. This aspect is essential to ensure a good protection of the comfort zone of each person, enhancing their serenity, trust, belonging and consequently multiplying the quality and potential of the performance.


1BOARD allows you to activate any type of company support available to the employee in response to the different daily information or operational needs. Questions, clarifications, insights, requests for technical, logistical and training support; these are just some of the cases that can be managed through the system.

But not only that, 1BOARD is an excellent stimulation support for the person. For example, everyone can participate in the prevention of risks by promptly reporting critical issues, sources of potential danger, rather than from an evolutionary perspective suggesting innovations, proposing ideas, growing and making the company grow.



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